About us

PULSE ATHLETICS™  Men's Big & Tall Activewear founder Russ Drenth happens to be small by big and tall standards as he is only 6’5″ tall and 240 lbs., but that is still tall enough and big enough to experience the “plumber butt” and other challenges big and tall men face with most clothing: It just doesn’t fit correctly, and when it does, it is often out of fashion.

Russ started working at Mona’s Big and Tall Clothing (owned by Frank Mona Sr.) in 1989 and later managed stores for Mona’s. He realizes the challenges that face big and tall men, including improper sizing and lack of fashion choices.

Why start PULSE ATHLETICS™ Men's Big & Tall Activewear?

Russ Drenth started his business, because big and tall jog suits and active wear were not getting proper attention in the marketplace. 

For example, where can you buy a big and tall biking jersey?  Where can you buy big and tall performance wool?  Why do big and tall jog suits never fit right?  These frustrations lead Russ to form PULSE ATHLETICS™ Men's Big & Tall Activewear.

Russ truly enjoys seeing big and tall men having great fashion choices that have exceptional fit, form, and function.

We are the only company offering:

Dri-Wize superior material (Viking Interlock Synthetic). Ultra light weight (lightest on the market), exceptional wicking and cooling.  This hard finished material resists snags and pilling better than any other material on the market. 

PULSE ATHLETICS™  Big & Tall Athletic/Tapered cut is available in all products. If you’re a body builder, athlete, or just hard to fit, we have an answer.

PULSE ATHLETICS™  Big & Tall Jog Suit separates the right size top/jacket with the right size bottom/pant. Look good in big and tall athletic/activewear that fits right!

At PULSE ATHLETICS™ Men's Big & Tall Activewear our only concern is fitting the big/tall man in your life. Most clothing companies have big and tall as an “afterthought.”